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Ridgway and Ouray County
The population is approximately 3,500. Altitude ranges between 7,000-8,500 feet above sea level. Weather conditions come from the southwest, bring dry powder snow, great for skiing. The vistas range from high desert to 14,000 foot mountain peaks.
This area is virtually free of crime; residents even leave their doors unlocked. Kids can ride their bikes to school on dirt roads. We have two district schools in Ridgway and Ouray K-12 all under one roof. We live in / family oriented communities
Our economy is mainly in construction, hospitality, retail and seasonal businesses and services. Most business could be categorized as “mom and pop” owned. We have a mixture of blue- and white-collar workers plus active and affluent retirees, plus second and third home owners. People here are friendly and everyone knows everyone else. We were seeing some residential growth in homes for some workers in Montrose and Telluride.
Over the past six to eight years, our incoming residents hail mainly from California, Florida, Texas, Midwest states and from other areas of the Front Range of Colorado.
We have a Medical Clinic, protective services and library district. Emergency services and fire department are manned by trained volunteers. The availability of services increases every year, often enabled by successful grant proposals in and by the community. Pre-school and day care, but we do not have community-based elder care. Ridgway is like many mountain communities, there are 800 full-time residents in Ridgway and 900 in Ouray. There are 3,200 in total when including others in the county.
Local celebrities and captains of industry include actor Dennis Weaver, Dish satellite company owner Charley Ergan, Ralph Lauren’s 24,000 acre ranch, and actress Darrel Hannah’s ranch.
We have spectacular scenic views to the south to the San Juan and to the east the Cimarron mountain ranges, Ridgway State Reservoir, to the north to Grand Mesa!.
Home prices average from $350,000 to $700,000. We have few planned development communities, so homes are mostly custom and range from near-mansions to upscale log homes, lodge style homes and alternative (environmentally conscious) buildings. We have emerging building codes and regulations. Average new home construction cost is $150 per square foot.
Our major golf development is Fairway Pines, rated nationally as a top 100 upscale golf course community.

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